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Relax & Ride Armrest, your New Best Friend.

Did you know the average person spends over four years of their life in the car? Why not spend those years in comfort? Most vehicles on the road today don't have an armrest pad, just a narrow ledge at the top of the door. Time to experience real comfort with the Relax & Ride Armrest.

What They Say About Relax & Ride Armrest

“Effective design, easy install. This is an outstanding product. Well done Relax & Ride Armrest!”

- Dr. Jose Helena
Easy to Install

The Relax and Ride Armrest requires no tools, no glue, and no hassle. You can easily install it in just a few seconds, and transferring it from one location to another is a snap.

Comfortable to Use

Relax and Ride Armrest gives you a comfortable place to rest your arm, whether driving across town for work or across the country on vacation.

Very Affordable

Our product solves a lifelong problem, and is affordable enough that you can purchase more than one to make sure your passengers can ride with you in comfort, too.

See For Yourself

Relax & Ride Armrest is easy to install and comfortable to use. Hear what our customers have to say.

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It's Time to Ride Comfortably

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Relax & Ride Armrest is built to make your travel more comfortable.

Relax & Ride Armrest was created by Jay Owens, founder of Jay's Enterprises, LLC. Jay is a retired school teacher of twenty-five years of service and the former owner of a Birmingham-based business for over thirty years.

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, we are in the business of manufacturing and selling the Relax and Ride portable vehicle armrest. The device that we have invented will fit onto either side door (front or back) on most vehicles on the road today.

After many years of on the road traveling in a variety of vehicles, we have never experienced the pleasure of having a full comfortable ride.

Consequently, we begin to wonder, why is it that the manufacturers of automobiles and trucks did not make provisions for a comfortable armrest that will fit on either side door of their vehicles. It was time to create a product that addresses this lifelong problem.

You can always count on our Relax and Ride portable vehicle armrest device to be affordable, dependable, and safe when properly used. Basically, we believe in doing business right, so therefore, we stand behind the product regardless of the end user. Our business model is built around 'Product, People, and Process'.

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